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Getting Back Into The Routine

After my last race of the season at Hever Castle I took a few weeks off to allow the body to fully recover and to rekindle motivation and drive for the 2016 season. It was great to chill out and somewhat novel to feel like a normal person if only for a short time. For example being able to walk up stairs without an ache in my legs was quite a nice feeling. But inevitably after some time I was itching to go again.

Ive been getting some good miles in on my Aske bike, fully kitted out with mudguards to keep me dry through out the winter months. The bike grows on me every time I ride it, from the styling and look to the handling and it's simplicity. It is nice to have a frame with classic tubing and geometry. The bike is lively and full of character, responding to your every acceleration and direction change. The road feels dampened out and smooth even when the going gets rough, which is fantastic for the long winter rides.

Some great news is that I've started working with Madison again. I rode for their professional cycling team in 2013. Madison are going to sponsor me through their brands Peal Izumi, Compressport and Lazer. I'm really excited to be working with them.

I've been working hard in the last few months to set up good relationships with companies that I value and really enjoy working with. I have been very lucky to build a great group of companies and people around me to ensure I can perform at my best next season. Race force, Pedal Potential, Cervelo, Pearl Izumi, Compressport, Lazer, High 5, HUUB, Lane 1 Sports Management have all agreed to support me in 2016.

Another addition is that I have decided to start working with Mark Pearce at Intelligent Triathlon Training. Ive recognised the need for a more professional and analytical approach to my coaching and training, also the need for a specific plan tailored around my focus, goals and races. Mark seemed like the perfect choice and I'm really looking forward to working with him for this season and into the future.

My race season is shaping up nicely with a number of Challenge and Castle Series races. Im also planning to tackle the Alpe D'huez long distance triathlon in late July. For now the winter base training has begun.

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