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Rain, Wind………and more Wind

With only 10 days to go now until I move out to France for the 2014 season with Team Bricquebec Cotentin I thought I'd do a quick update on the latest training and things I've been up to.

For most riders going about their winter training it's been a case of battling the elements these last few weeks. There's been so much rain I've met floods that have seen the disappearance of my chain-set, complete submersion! Others which have forced me to change my planned route, as the roads had transformed into waterways, becoming engulfed by water in all its mightiness.

And the wind, the wind! When you are forced to pedal down hill in the smallest gear you possibly have, off one of Dartmoor's steep descents, that's when you know it is blowing a hoolie.

Over the Christmas and New Year I've had the last of the turkey commitments to fulfil, delivering the last of the birds down to the bike shop on Christmas Eve. It was then time to enjoy a nice few days catching up with all the family and having a great enjoyable time. I've kept up my same training routine over the festive period and am now coming to the end of a good training block which will prepare me for the long and tough season that is ahead of me.

Just before New Year I finished my last day at Colin Lewis Cycles where I have been working part time over the winter. It was great to be working there again and hopefully will be back next winter in the workshop and serving behind the counter. Ive been very grateful of Simon's help over the years and am extremely grateful of everything he has done for me.

At the end of next week I am moving out to France, as I have to complete some compulsory health tests before I can obtain my licence for next year. Ive been reviewing and looking into the races for this season and am very excited and looking forward to getting started. We have our team launch, a few training camps and then the races begin.

À bientôt!

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