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The Winter Commute

6:05am....alarm goes off

Brush teeth, foam roller, Stretch, into kit, 2 expressos, out the door.

A 1hr30min pre breakfast zone 2 ride to the bike shop in Paignton 50km away begins. First its all about negotiating the lanes, then depending on wind direction, fighting the head wind(usually) across the top of Haytor and Widecome. A wet descent into Ashburton. Then Im racing the daily traffic all the way to work, ducking and diving and weaving through the cars. Sprinting to make the traffic lights. And then Im there.

9am.....8hours at Colin Lewis cycles, bike mending, selling, serving customers and enjoying the friendly working atmosphere the shop and my workmates create.

5:30pm ........Changed, lights on, ready to go. I know Ive got to average Z3 all the way back, in the the dark without even looking at my power-meter or Garmin display. So it begins, racing the same traffic I was against earlier, Sprinting to make the time cut on the lights so I don't have to stop. Then Im in Ashburton again, I hit a 20 minute climb which is 25% in places, I go really deep, trying to beat my previous time over the top. Im in the lanes taking corners faster than I would in the day, weaving in and out of debris, then its the home stretch, 12mins uphill to go.

Ive made it, unclip, bike away, check Garmin....phew Ive beaten my best average power from last ride.

Shower, foam roller, stretch, supper, Bed.

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