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End of Season Break

Just a short post really.

So its the end of the season, it's had its ups and downs. Ive seen two fatal cycling accidents, had a few big crashes, been ill, had a knee injury and had the Shingles virus.

But I've had some of the best times ever as well, from the coaching I've been given, the team spirit, the break in the Challenge Mallorca, riding the Tour de Taiwan and having Roger Hammond as a manager. Not to mention the team, the team mates and the help and backing from everyone around me.

The Best thing to come out of this year is that I know deep down that this is what I want to do. Im more motivated and driven than ever to make next year count.

Im now going to take a short break from the bike, exploring and hiking on Dartmoor, my favourite place to be and enjoy the outdoors. Also just Chill.

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